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LPX 10.3.1 Crazy Behavior with "Export Tracks as Audio Files" need help


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Greetings! I'm running LPX 10.3 and I've found a peculiar behavior which, apparently I'm the only one who's seen this:


After loading a large orchestral template, I've bussed all tracks to to auxes which now appear in the arrange window. But when I select those auxes in arrange to make stems and use the "Export 31 Tracks as Audio Files" I get strange results. I'm using "use locator in and out points" as the locations, enabling all plugins, not bringing in to the session (which makes no difference either way).


1. All auxes will render as audio files, but some will be completely silent. I have no idea why. All routing is perfect and plays flawlessly. This is when I select the "Export between locators."

2. Some auxes which have no sound going to them are completely deleted after filenames are update or are corrupted. This is when I select the other two options.

3. When I select "truncate silence at the end of files" it'll delete ALL FILES after it's burned them.

4. The same thing happens when I use "Export all tracks" command. Most tracks are just deleted outright after the burn.


Anyone seen this?


I've reinstalled Logic (now 10.3.1)

I've imported all items to a new file

I've killed all preferences

I've used terminal to update permissions


No avail.


I have several other buddies who have no problem with this, so it's a little weird. They're doing it in El Cap.


I'm in El Cap on a 2010 12 core 2.93. 


Thanks for the help!

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