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Logic Pro X Bouncing and quality


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Hi all,


I have been looking through different threads on here and online generally, about an issue I (and seemingly others) have when bouncing my mix on LPX

It certainly is a question of lower sound, but that does not bother/surprise me, as I'm keeping the stereo out quite low (-5 or so) to avoid clipping.

When I reimport my bounce onto the same session for A/B, I turn the bounce track up to the same listening level as the stereo out. My issue is that the bass/low frequencies suffer in the bounce.

I have turned normalize off, bounce to PCM, make sure I'm not clipping...

I must be doing something wrong and I would love input from someone else to figure out what it is! I send my clients the bounce expecting them to be excited but they're a bit underwhelmed- understandably.

I am just now about to print the mix to a different track and A/B with the bounce, to see if there is a difference, but thought I'd post this question to save time. And if there is a difference I will post on here :)


I'm running LPX, with a Focusrite 6i6 on a Macbook Pro (early '15) with MacOS Sierra. Let me know if you need any more info.

Please let me know if this should go somewhere else.



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Thanks for replying!

No, there's nothing on my mix buss.

I did actually print the mix onto a new track to compare, and that does seem to sound like what I'm hearing, so in a way this has been a fix, although I would still really like to know why the actual bounce is not an exact representation of the mix.

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No way the bounce is different in any kind, if you do everything right. The bounce is the exact represantation of the mix. Everything else wouldn't make any sense at all. 


There must be something going on, that is affecting the bounce. And I highly guess there is somewhere a plugin that is included in the bounce, but when you listen realtime, you listen thru another output = master channel. 

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hmm, ok so how can I check this? And actually, this may be a very stupid question but what channel is bounced then? There are no plug ins on the stereo out, or the master, but there definitely is a difference, I can try to post the print and the bounce here if that helps? or a screenshot of my master and output channels?
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One easy way to check: 

Create a new project with the Logic template 'Empty'. Create a track with a heavy bass line. Bounce a short loop and see if you still have low end issues, as you described above. I expect no. 


Then, yes, why not take some screenshots of your project that's causing issues, plus audio files, etc. 

So we can have a look. 


The master channel you're bouncing, is the one where you click the 'Bnc' button. Or what do you do for bouncing?

Since you have 6 outputs, you can also have 3 stereo master channels, or 6 mono master channels. All of them feature that 'Bnc' button. For instance I can have 36, resp. 72 master channels ;)

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