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missing all plugins...


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  SO I have a huge problem. I'm missing every plugin on my logic pro because I unplugged my line 6 ux2 while logic was open on accident (i assume). No plugins are available on any of my files so they don't play (including files that didn't involve ux2/podfarm) and I can't make anything else because the new project screen only gives me the option of external midi (audio, software instrument etc., are grayed out.) I also can't seem to solve the issue in Logic Pro X > preferences either because I get an error message saying "selected driver not found (-10202)" 


  Can someone please help me? All my projects are basically destroyed and I can't use Logic anymore either. My best solution right now is to back up my project files to a hard drive and to re-install logic. But I'm uncertain if that would work. If there is no solution, can someone at least tell me if that would work?


-Thanks in advance

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