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Hopefully someone can help as it is driving me insane


I am using a third party windows keyboard


When I hold the windows key (not the key directly left of the space bar, but the one after) it is simply mimicking what the key NEXT to the spacebar does (ALT)


I have gone in to system preferences and changed my modifier keys so that COMMAND is OPTION key and vice versa


I am 100% depressing the key and releasing the mouse before releasing the key


I know it is NOT working because there is no '+' symbol when I depress the key, suggesting it has no intention to duplicate! I haven't used this keyboard in Logic before, but what could be the problem?


My apple keyboard is liquid damaged so it no longer works and this is the only keyboard I have


It is a wireless V7 CKU100UK http://www.v7-world.com/uk/products/keyboards-and-mice/usb-wired-keyboard-and-mouse-combo-3266.html




Hopefully someone can help me get this problem resolved



Many thanks 

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I also have a generic PC keyboard, and switching option and alt works fine, though I only have option working on the left side. The way you describe it sounds like the option key is not recognized.You'd have to invoke OS X's Keyboard Viewer, which you can enable in the 'Keyboard' System Pref Panel:





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Hi sorry for the late response. You are correct and I can see that using keyboard viewer however, clicking on the option key using keyboard viewer is useless, because as soon as I stop clicking the virtual key is released


Can I do something to keep it held down?

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