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Copy region automation to Midi Draw


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MIDI draw is the one in the piano editor?

If yes, you don't have to copy anything. The automation is already in the region. 

Select the region, open piano editor, show MIDI draw, then execute 'View > MIDI Draw > Autodefine' multiple times until you see the volume. 


That autodefine also works in the arrange window ;)


I set a keyboard shortcut for that Autodefine. I use it very often. 

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It depends what you mean. If you just want to have your volume fader information in the region itself as opposed to the track then yes, it seems like you already have this.


If however you want to actually convert the volume fader information to MIDI data (ie. you want to automate the instrument's volume control rather than the fader on your channel) - first make sure your volume fader automation is showing, then Option Click the Automation Parameter in the track header and select 'MIDI Control 0-63' then select 7=Volume. A dialog box will come up and ask if you want to copy and convert or just convert the data. Click 'convert'.

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