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Delete note in score editor and select next?


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I mean I remember that I could aroow my way through the notes in the score editor, delete the ones I don´t need, and the editro automaticly selects the next note.


That way I could arrow through, say two voice regions that is copyed to solo instruments, and delete, say the lowest voice only using keyboard.

Now I have to select each voice and click/delete each culprit.


I know I could band select and delete, but in full orchestra scores it is difficult to hit the exact notes.


Is there a setting somewhere where I can choose this?

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Wow, Thank you @volovicg !!

I´ve just edited a large section using the Select "Highest notes" and "Lowest notes" and carefully deselecting all solo/unison notes in one region at a time.

This makes the next edit MUCH easier!.



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