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Some Waves plugins not showing up in actual AU list but are validated in the Logic plugins manager


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I have recently installed some Waves plugins to my Logic Pro X. They show as installed in my MacBook Pro plugins folder, as well as the Plugins Manager in Logic Pro X. "sucessfully validated". But when I drop down in a channel strip to add the plugin to the track, some of them do not show up. Specifically the DeBreath plugin. But I also noticed a few others not showing up as well. tumblr_os8o45BieO1qfrl14o1_1280.jpg

Showing in the plugins library in my computer


Showing up in Logic Pro X plugins manager 



Not showing up in plugins list on the audio track



I would assume the track is the correct format for the plugin since it is a vocal audio track and the plugin is used specifically on vocal audio tracks. 

See photos to see what's going on in detail. Could it be something to do with Mono/Stereo compatibility?


Any reason why these aren't showing up in the actual plugins list but are seen as INSTALLED OK everywhere else including the Logic Plugins Manger...

How do I make this plugin useable in the track?



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Agree with what danyg said, except in this case, where the DeBreath plugin can only be used as mono, hence only having one instance with (m) showing in the plugin manager and not another one with (s). It looks like your vocal is a stereo track.


However, I’ve just checked on my setup and DeBreath should be available as Dual Mono on a stereo track. I don’t know what version of Logic you’re using but if you’re not on v10.3 or 10.3.1. then you won’t have that function. Also, Waves plugins are now up to version 9.91.0 so that may be a sticking point as well.


Hope that helps.

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If we’re still talking about recording vocals (and you’re only using one mic), you’ll be better off creating a new mono track to record onto instead, to avoid confusion when it comes to listening back/mixdown. This will also ensure plugins work correctly.


In the New Tracks dialogue box, change the input from stereo (Input 1 + 2) to mono (Input 1).

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