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Disabeling "Recent" effects

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well I use a lot the inspector insert effects, when I create music, and I have a Custom folders for my effects,, and those 5 or 6 lines of "RECENT" effects takes to much space for me, I always have to scroll down.. to select other effects, and I don't Need it or Use in anyway, so it is just interfering with my Workflow ALOT... =(
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I don't understand why the Apple Logic Pro X Theme always give a new option...

but there's no way to disable that new option,, depending of the "PRO" user choice..

Probably the Apple mentality: "We know what you want, you don't". Problem is, they're often right, but not always... If there were just one additional line at the top named "Recent" with an arrow where a small menu would pop up like any other category, it would be best of both worlds.


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I also really dislike this feature, it is one of those things that probably works very well for a certain segment of users (I hope?), and then works very poorly for others (like me). I just find it confusing, the first five elements of a tool I frequently rely on to be consistent is highly INconistent, and due to my way of working, it also very rarerly contains anything of use to me. The plugins I would like to have there, I can simply put there myself? It is annoyingly in my way and adds mental cost, especially by being inconsistent and in a prominent position. Even if I don't WANT to relate to it, my perception needs to deal with it every time I go for a plugin because there is always something new and unexpected there. 


But I'm totally okay with that for others it might be a wonderful feature, so I don't want it gone, just an option to disable it, or just make it into a single subfolder of Recents or something less filling. 




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You could, as a work around until Logic makes Recent optional, narrow down your custom folders. 


For instance no need to have a separate custom Logic folder, distribute the Logic plugins into the other ones. 

Or, why two folders for delays? Use one. 

Get rid of the original folders you don't need. 

To me these seem to be also redundant: Especial FX, Experimental FX, Destroy FX

Finally there aren't that many different types of FX anyway. No offence, but it seems to be overkill. 


See my plugin list below when I open an insert, and I have almost 400 plugins installed. And not all of them are put into one of those folders. 




Still I agree, if you need more space, then those Recent section is quite big. 

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yeah I use my own folders.. a lot.. and yes I need those "recent"  gone.. je..

special effects.. has . what I consider special effects.. Experimental FX.. has some experimental effects he.. Destroy FX.. well.. the name say it all.. he.. etc.. I think everyone has his own .. way of .. Organize.. not everyone is the same.. delays 1 and 2.. yeah.. those 2 will be one soon.. but I had been working alot .. and have not yet the time to mix those to right.. and below those.. I have even more.. for me.. is VERY VERY confusing seen the names.. of the "RECENT" effects.. and I con to the inspector more than you imagine..

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PS: Recent should have two options: 


- Disable/enable

- Add plugin with last settings (not default settings). 


The last option then would allow to add the recently used plugins with the last setting to be loaded to one or multiple tracks at once. 

I agree ¡ and thanks for the ideas

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Not at the studio presently, but I think the setting is the Recent items pref.

No, that preference affects only the number of items in the File > Open Recent menu.


I'm experiencing the opposite thing and I don't know why. I DON'T see the recently used plugins in the inserts and I don't know why. I'm using the latest version of LPX. Any guess?

Can you share a screenshot of what you're seeing?

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There you go the screenshot. I don't see the recent plugins I've used.

If you choose a plug-in, insert it, then click another Audio FX slot, you still don't see any Recent item (that last plug-in) in the menu? If not, then do this:


1) Quit Logic.

2) In the Finder, hold down Option as you click the Go menu and choose Go > Library. Inside the Library folder, open the Preferences folder and delete com.apple.logic10.plist – note that you will return Logic preferences to their default state.

3) Open Logic.


Now try again?

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I did actually backed up the preference file to an external disk drive which I then did unmount just in case. Then when I started logic, yes I noticed that it was opening automatically the last opened project and I did set that to "ask" on my previous preferences. So I guess it did reset to factory default? Then if I open logic a second time it asks me to download additional sounds but obviously when I click download and install there is nothing to download and install since I've already installed everything. And then it also pops up the "what's new in 10.4.2" screen.
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