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Default Ultrabeat samples folder?


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Hey guys! :)


This is something I always struggled with, even though I never really took the time to do the research. Simple question:

What's the default folder Ultrabeat uses to load the user's sample? For example, let's say I create a new instrument with Ultrabeat and I import my own drum samples. To ensure that my samples will always load properly, where should I have them before importing them to Ultrabeat?


The reason why I'm asking is because today I opened a preset I saved with imported samples and once I picked Show In Finder on one of the samples, it showed me the sample on a project folder where I have that sample, instead of the folder where I initially had it and when I saved the preset. I think I moved all my library to a different drive and I guess that must have "confused" Ultrabeat, so I want to know where in the main folder should I save my samples? 


Thanks! :)

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It really drives me crazy when I finally find a thread with someone asking the same question I have... only to find that NO ONE has replied to that person.


All my UltraBeat samples stay where they were when I originally added them. This has been problematic because some of them are in project folders, some are in my samples folder, and others are actually stored on my old Mac volume in the Library folder (I can't remember if I manually put them there or if Logic 9 put them there, which was what I was using on Snow Leopard). I have saved presets. I can find those presets where they're expected to be in Logic's user content folders, but the samples are all over the place. Logic does not seem to HAVE a user folder for Ultrabeat SAMPLE content.

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I started including my Ultrabeat samples in my project’s folder and I don’t have to deal with that anymore. I use that option on the Save As window to include Ultrabeat samples. Yes it takes more disk space, but in the end I always bounce everything to audio anyway, so it’s ok.

This is my workflow. I understand some people don’t want to do the same thing if they don’t wanna use too much disk space

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