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Focusrite Forte Audio Audibility Issue


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Hi folks,


I am using LPX with a focusrite forte on a MBP OS 10.9.5.


My Focusrite is not playing my audio back to me, when it had been previously. I tried to hook up a mic and a while after that I seemed to lose my audio when I played it back. 

Am a little confused. I used to use older versions of Logic Pro a lot and upgraded to LPX about a year and a half ago. I haven't been using it too much as wasn't doing too much demoes but want to use it more now and can't figure out what the trouble is. Seemed fine, then it just disappeared. I have to say I feel LPX is not quite as good as other versions in some ways. But I'm probably just not v used to it yet. 


Loved the Focusrite Forte, thought it was great. But it seems to be a bit weird on me now. 


Thanks everyone for any help or suggestions,



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Thanks Atlas,


MY drivers are as far as I know updated.


''Does it shows in the Logic Preferences/Audio/Devices/Output and Input Device?'' - I'm not sure about that. What do you mean? 


I don't get an overload message. 


And I don't believe increasing the buffers will help. 


To be honest, I get the same problem in Garageband with this interface so I'm a little mystified.


Thank you very much

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