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Alesis SR16 Drum Machine Recording errors


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Hi all,


I'm too dumb on MIDI to search on the right terms to see if this question has already been answered--please forgive, or direct me to it!


I had the bright idea of feeding my ancient Alesis SR16 drum machine beats into Logic to use as a click track or even as the drum line for a song.  It seemed like a simple and straightforward problem but I'm having trouble with it.  First, when recording a beat into Logic, extraneous sounds appear, sounds that are not part of the programmed beat.  Sometimes extra kick drums--a different drum than normally in the kit--or maybe an extra cymbal hit.  Seems to be random.  The MIDI screen looks pretty normal while recording, except that it has extra hits but even those are written normally.  When I stop recording, though, each midi note gets drawn out into a long line.  


Here's a screenshot while recording:



And here it is after I stop the recording:



It sounds pretty normal playing back, except for the extra hits.   I've tried connecting the Alesis with a MidiPlus Tbox 2x2 and an E-MU X midi 1x1 Tab cable.  More or less the same results with each.  The Alesis setup page allows me to change the MIDI channel from Omni to 10 (or whatever); I've tried changing ClockIn and ClockOut, DrumIn, MIDI Thru, PRG Chng. . .can't think of anything else.  In Logic I tried changing the buffer size with no effect.  Someone suggested the MIDI OFF signal isn't going through. . .but that's way over my head.


Any ideas?  And thanks in advance.  I'm new LogicPro and like any guitarist, I can't even spell midi.  


- Frank

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Hey I'm trying to figure out the relationship between my SR16 and Logic Pro X...did you figure this out? I don't even know where to start with the settings (on the Alesis AND on Logic Pro). I'd love your help if you can :)
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