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Hi all,


I have a bunch of legacy files in which the logicx midi file folder is separated from the audio files folder which is on a different drive.


Now I am interested in finding the best way to merge the logicx midi file with its audio files.


Currently each logicx midi file is saved as a "folder" format. I see that I can click save as and check the audio files checkbox and this will copy all related audio into this local folder of audio files.


That does seem to work well and also it seems to repointed all the audio to the new location which of course is what I want.


The only issue here is that I now have 2 Versions of the audio since it copied the audio.


Q: is there any other way to accomplish this goal without doing the copying of all the audio and instead just moving the original audio instead so I don't end up with two copies?

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Try #2: I also tried putting the midi/logicx file in the parent folder where the song audio is. Parent = MySongFolder - inside is "Audio Files" folder. Then I opened the file and it did find the audio (i guess it was already pointing there...). Then I saved file as project and checked the audio file box. Is this ok to do? Will the parent folder and related data be properly "sanctioned"?
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