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Remove "last saved from project" from project name


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For some reason, Logic displays in the project name (in the open project) the "last saved from project" name, which is completely useless and annoying. Can this be removed? I found the reference in the plist file in "contents" of the project file itself. If my explanation is unclear, please check the screenshots. 


The name in the red rectangle is some old name of some old project, where I probably used the "save a copy as" command, now I'm stuck with it every time I use the template (this is NOT the name of the template) -> 63533404_Somename.png.4446ec6b663fdcdd5ef5327d7321607e.png


This is where the name reference is saved -> plist.thumb.png.37417d2fe6816d1b8521179e0a1f1aeb.png


Can this be removed without messing with the plist? 

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I'm pretty sure that the one your green arrow is pointing to is some very old "source" project file name I used as a template ages ago. 


Also, in my "edit project alternatives" window I only have the one "wrong" name... 




But when I rename it to the actual project name, then the extra part disappears. 




I doubt this should be expected behavior, but at least I know how to fix it now :) 


Thank you!!

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No.. It is operating as it should.... You at some point created a project  called Anatomy - you then created an alternative called Ramming speed 5x master - then at some point you deleted the anatomy project. Leaving only the alternative - but since it wasn't saved as a separate logic project - logic remembers the original project the alternative was created from...    
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Sorry but this is untrue.


As I said, I once had a project called Ramming Speed 5X MASTER, which is a very OLD project. I opened it, removed unnecessary files, and archived it by clicking SAVE COPY AS. I gave that copy some other name, I think just Ramming Speed ARCHIVE. This was done 2 years ago. 


Today I opened the Ramming Speed ARCHIVE project, because I wanted to use it as a starting point for a new project (Anatomy). Here I already noticed the "double name". In the arrange window I had both "Ramming speed ARCHIVE" and "Ramming Speed 5X MASTER" names. 


From this project I removed ALL files, automation etc., and saved this AS A TEMPLATE FILE. Then I created a new project (Anatomy) from the template, but the oldest "Ramming Speed 5X MASTER" name was still here, persistently. 


I think Logic gets confused by "Save Copy As" and "Create Template" commands, or some combination of the two. This happened to me already with other projects, but this is the first time I cared enough to post here. 

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