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Dragging plugins in channel strip occasionally change region midi parameters... WTF ? Video included.


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Hmm..... each plugin has a fader event associated with it.  The first slot is 57, second 58 and so on...... the fourth slot 60 - so you moved the plug from slot 8 ( which would be Fader message 64) to slot 4 ( which would be fader message 60).  I am not sure of the cause but I would check to be sure you don't have a transformer which is converting Fader messages to CC messages


Go into the environment and add a monitor object to this channel strip. Turn the plugins on / off and you will see the fader messages that correspond to the numerical values of what you are seeing as CC information in the event list. My guess is you have something that is converting this....

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Yes, when I turn off\on plugins and change position it sends fader messages. But how to disable this?




I tested dragging plugins in completely new default project. It happening with any plugin I drag and change MIDI CC in case it equal to mixer slot.


For example if I put 1 plugin in slot 1 (it's 57) and have regions with MIDI CC automation using 57 number Logic will change all MIDI CC if I drag plugin from slot 1.


Also I tested same thing in 10.2.4. It's ok because in this version logic don't send information when I dragging plugins.

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