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I am using the midi draw function to draw in modulation curves for strings parts(East/West) in lieu of using a mod wheel.

I don't have a mod wheel on my keyboard.


On playback the strings parts are not reading the modulation curves I've drawn in.


The top left corner of the midi window shows 1.1 so I think I've got the correct controller selected.

I"m using East/West Symphonic Orchestra library and have this problem on several instruments including woodwinds but

all our unresponsive. Any thoughts of a missing step?

Thank you,



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Hi David,


Thanks for the response. All my instruments are set to Omni for midi channels in each East/West instrument.

The midi channel in the event list shows midi channel 1 for modulation.

I tried setting an instrument to midi channel 1 so it would match the controller channel but still not reading the midi draw commands.

Is there a way to set the modulation channel to Omni or All?

Or any other suggestions? Thanks for your help with this.



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Hi David, thanks for hanging with me.


 I tried a few different Logic strings patches and midi drew in modulation.


They were weirdly responsive meaning one patch had a machine gun quality in the higher waves and another patch had a warbly sound.


So, yes, it was responsive but didn't sound anything like it should, say if one was using a mod wheel.


With the East West library it doesn't seem to recognize these modulation commands in any way, weird or otherwise.

Does this suggest anything?

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Sorry, I thought you were asking me to substitute a Logic based string patch for the East/West which I did.

I am somewhat new at this can you direct as to how to call up ES2?

Thank you.

Click the right side of your East West plug-in insert (where an up/down arrow appears when you hover with your mouse) and choose ES2. And don't draw any more modulation than you already have present. 

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