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Mysterious Expression Automation


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I have activated Expression Automation on a track, but I have no idea how I actually did it! 


In the screenshot below, track automation (not region automation) is visible for all tracks . You can see that volume automation is visible on the track "Serene Choir" but Expression automation is visible for Serene Choir 2. 


After I took this screenshot I switched from expression automation view to volume automation view. Now I can't get the expression automation view back again! The expression automation I drew in earlier is still there (it's greyed out) but I can't edit it. If I click on the automation selector (which currently set to Volume) no options for expression are available. 


Even stranger, in my efforts to get expression automation activate again, somehow Logic has deleted random notes from most of the 20 or so regions in this track!  


Long time Logic user, feeling very confused. I didn't even think that Expression data could be displayed on a track that's displaying automation, yet I've been viewing and editing expression automation all day. I know that with automation off then midi draw becomes visible, but I'm viewing track automation, not midi draw.


Has my brain gone on holidays or is something strange going on here?


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