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Logic to Protools nightmare


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So I am trying to transfer a song from Logic to Protools.  I did about 50% of the mix in logic and am going to finish it with a partner in protools. But the 50% I did I like.  But I want to be able to edit it if my partner has different ideas. But when I tried bouncing stems from the drumset into protools and using the exact same plug-ins and settings I noticed that even though I used the exact same setting the compressor and soft clipper on my Drum Bus were not reading the same input levels overall the whole drum set sound also sounded off compared to the logic version.  But I made sure everything was the exact same parameter and the one send for the drum reverb that is on a few instruments is exactly the same too but like I said the plug-ins on the Drum Bus arent reading level the same. And over all the drums sound different. 


I bounced just a stereo file of the whole drums with reverb and drum bus compression and soft clipping printed on and it sounds fine but obviously just working with a stereo file for my entire drum set is not ideal for a professional mix. especially not in this genre its like a R&B, Rock with hip-hop elements in the drums

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It may be a difference in Pan Laws.


Newer Pro Tools defaults to -3db.


Logic defaults to -3db compensated.


So, a 0db file will play back at 0db in Logic. If panned hard left or right, it will be +3db.


In Pro Tools, a 0db file will be at -3db, but when panned hard or left will be at 0db.


More or less.


Hope this helps.

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Did you do a clean export for the stems? i.e. you didn't have 'normalise' enabled ?


Also were the stems exported pre-fader from Logic?


One other thing, you haven't got any plugins on the Master/Stereo out channel in Logic have you? This will affect the overall sound of course vs Pro Tools if you don't recreate such parameters too.

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