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Which Computer for upgrade?


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Hi all, I run Logic Pro (10.3) on my 2008 8-core Mac Pro.  I think it is reaching its end of life.  I need to decide between the following options for a new computer:


1. New iMac 27" with 32G ram, and an outboard media drive on USB3.

2. Wait for the (pricey) iMac Pro

3. Current Mac Pro


I run less than 40 channels typically and use mostly the Logic plugs, although there are a few Eventide and Waves ones too under "audio units".  I will use 3-6 processes  on each channel.


From what I am seeing the new iMac (option 1) is plenty good enough for what I want to do, and I do not want to spend 5K, and the current Mac Pro is on its way out.


What say you?





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