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Tip?: Drummer (10.3.2) with third party AU instruments


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This may have been available in the past, so apologies if so, but i used to create a drummer region and then convert it to midi into a new track with Steve Slate Drums plugin (for example), as a way of getting the drummer to play through third party instruments. 


Since 10.3.2 the drummer selection has been added to the library view, and i noticed that you can pick any instrument channel strip setting, so if you create a user instrument channel strip preset with the plugin of your choice (i.e. SSD), and any additional plugs you want comp/eq/reverb etc., drummer will play directly through that once selected.


This may have been possible in the past, but it's immediately obvious now that you have to go via the library for drummer 'type', and a really nice improvement that i'm making use of.  Loving that percussionist!! :)

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