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Drum Machine Designer / Piano Roll Record Issue still there.


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Hey guys -


Sorry in advance -I feel I keep spamming about this!


When recording on the Drum Machine Designer main aux track, with 'Drum Names' and 'One Track' modes selected, the GUI still jumps to the non 'Drum Machine' Piano Roll record mode w/ Ultrabeat pattern notes on display and jumps around notes recorded out of the window scale (though the recorded notes still stay on screen during the recording cycle now as per the bug fix in 10.3.2). This is not the same behaviour as if recording on an Ultrabeat track with 'Drum Names'/'One Track' mode selected. It works as one would expect for a streamlined recording/editing in real time as I'm sure is expected!


Can I confirm this is a bug? Albeit a small one! 


Thanks and apologies for being a stickler about this one - but it would really improve workflow and aesthetics. 


Harry :)

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