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Issues Recording External Instrument and Midi


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Hey everyone,


Im fairly new to recording hardware synths and I've been having quite a few issues with it.


When I load up an External Instrument track with my Prophet, the volume is VERY low, until I play back the recording. The difference in volume is staggering.


My second problem is once Im happy with the Midi file Ive made, I go to bounce it to an audio track, but get nothing.  I get a track with a solid wave line, and no sound.


Any guidance on what I'm doing wrong?



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Could you describe how you connect the audio and MIDI setup?

Could you post a screen capture of Logic track area with the involved region/track inspectors and the mixer view?

The difference of loudness between the record and playback levels could be related to Independent monitoring level for record-enabled channel strips setting found in General Audio preference pane..

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