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Punchier sounds with Alchemy


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Hey guys! :)


I don't know if some of you noticed yet, but I'm an Alchemy lover :P I love exploring it and bringing the best out of it, because I think some Logic users still haven't found how awesome this plugin is. I guess maybe the default presets that come with it are so focused on pads, textures, etc, that maybe it's overlooked, I don't know.


Here's a simple trick that seems obvious to some of you, but maybe for other people, it's not that obvious.


So as a default a new instance of Alchemy starts with a Saw wave. The "problem" (depending on what sound you're trying to achieve) is that is has 2 things that for me cut some of the punch of a sound, if I'm doing something from scratch:

1 - The attack on the main AHDSR is not set to 0. Start a new sound and hover over the attack. In some sounds it's pretty obvious when you go from the default value of 0.0001 to 0. So for punchier sounds, change it to 0. I think the first time I heard the difference was when I imported an audio file, the transients of a kick drum sounded different and less present.

2 - The phase is set to Random. This gives each wave a different starting point so it cuts the punchiness making everything sound more "lush".


My suggestion, with a single oscillator:


After you set the attack of the AHDSR to 0, on the oscillator you're using put the Num (on the right side) to either 8 or 16, the Detune to no higher than 2% and then the Phase to 99% or so. Around that zone as long as it's not set to Random. The difference in punchiness is insanely huge. Try 8 voices or 16 voices (the Num knob) and hear the difference. 16 will give you more of that phasy effect. It depends if you like it or not.


Having the Phase at 0% is less aggressive than having it at 99%, so it depends on what you want to achieve. At 0% it sounds like the initial part of the sound, the transients, are smoother.


So that's it. I hope you find it somehow useful. I really hope more and more people start exploring Alchemy in different ways so we can have more presets and sounds that are intended to being used in more 2017 productions, putting Alchemy on the same level of other synths out there.



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Great post thanks! 


I noticed some of my patches were a little 'soft' the other day and was trying to figure this out. It become clear when I made a simple patch in reaktor (a saw and an envelope) to compare that I noticed how much slower the attack was in Alchemy.


The attack still feels a tiny bit 'slow' or 'soft' but the phase tip really helps!


Another thing I noticed was that the global filters have a very slight affect even when they are wide open. So if I'm not using them I turn them off, and set the routing to series or turn the FX dials down to zero. 


I re downloaded logic a few weeks ago after a couple of years away and have been loving Alchemy also.

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You're welcome :)


Yes the Attack parameter can make a difference in the sound, even if it's from 0.001 to 0. And the Phase too.

If you want punchier sounds, just use the main envelope (AHDSR). Bring the sustain to either 75% or 50%, the Decay to something around 200ms (0.20 s) and then play with the curve of the Decay clicking on the line and dragging up and down. 




Alchemy is a great synth. I love it too. And for those who love creating sounds and turn knobs (like myself) it's a great toy. You can spend hours just experimenting ;)

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