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Logic 10.3.2 shows wrong version in System Profiler

Uncle Freddie

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For the record, this is not actually a new problem with Logic 10.3.2; it has existed from Logic 10.3 onward.


Is anyone else seeing that Logic 10.3.2 displays itself as Logic 10.2.3 in the System Profiler? In screenshot #1:


I installed Logic 10.2.4 back in July 2016. The version shows 10.2.4, which is correct.

I installed Logic 10.3.1 in June 2017. The version shows 10.2.3, which is wrong.

I installed Logic 10.3.2 yesterday. The version still shows 10.2.3, which is still wrong.


If you look at the Logic splash screen, (Logic Pro X > About Logic Pro X) you will see 10.3.2, which is correct.

If you Command-I in the Finder, you will see 10.3.2, which is correct.


Coincidentally, MainStage has the same issues: wrong version (3.2.4) displayed in System Profiler but correct (3.3.1) everywhere else.


Also, as a control: Safari does not have this issue in System Profiler.







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Go to "Applications", not "Installations", for Logic Pro X and you'll see the correct version number for the current LPX application on your system.


What you are looking at in the "Installations" section is I suspect just an analysis of installer package receipts on your system, and on your system, you jus have a receipt for an earlier version install of Logic, for some reason.


There is no issue here, nothing to see, there is no version numbering problem, I think you'll find.

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