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My budget is around 1000 dollars!

You can find a used 15-inch MBP from 2012 with an i7 on craigslist for 600 bucks or so.

With the rest of the money get a good external USB 3 drive that spins at 7200 rpm for your projects.

And with these older laptops you can swap out the HD and put an SSD in it all by yourself if that doesn't scare you:



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And how well would a brand new Macbook Pro handle bigger projects, editing and so on?

Any current or reasonably recent Mac is fine for running Logic.


If you plan on running 400 track virtual orchestra scores for quick film/TV turnaround, you'll probably want something a bit better than a MBP, but for regular folks, there's plenty of power for a lot of audio tracks and FX plugins.


Don't expect to run 50 instances of 8-part Omnisphere polyphonic instruments all live though, there are limits, but there is plenty of power for most productions, and freezing/bouncing will help anyway.

Don't go for less than 16GB ram, minimum, would be a useful thing to note.

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