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Free samples for your music projects

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Hi All,

It is my first post here so I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Wojtek and I'm an active musician. I play in several bands and my instruments are various percussions like cajon, conga, djembe and many, many shakers and other musical stuff like this. I also record what I play and make sound samples out of these recordings. This has led to my current job which is a sample packs creating company, called Lucidsamples. It is a great pleasure to join this forum.


Just to come here empty-handed would be a bit rude so I decided to ask the rest of the team to share with you some freebies. And here you are:

700MB of free samples, loops and music production tools for you.

You don't need to register anywhere, that's a direct download link :) Some of you may already know us. Maybe you even used this pack... The new thing about this is that we have remastered the contents and rearranged a bit.


If you wish, you can browse the free samples directory and download more. All of them are loyalty-free and you can use them even in commercial projects. You can also feel free to buy a pack or two and show us support :mrgreen:


Again, nice to meet you, everyone and if the pack appeals you, you can always leave a feedback!


PS. I've been granted with authorisation from forum admin, David, to post this thread. I don't like spam too.

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