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Help request: Ethernet control of mixer/interface with MacBook/Thunderbolt dock

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Hi all. I have an XR18 and am trying to control it with my MacBook pro (which has a Thunderbolt dock) and an iPad (travel router) simultaneously. I would like to use ethernet for the MacBook so I can use my wifi for internet access. The iPad would connect to the travel router wirelessly.


At least that's my plan.


I have it wired like this:


1. Ethernet cable from mixer to a 5 port ethernet switch. XR18 is set to 'Ethernet'


2. Cable from switch out to OWC Thunderbolt 2 dock


3. Cable from switch out to travel router LAN input.


I have been using both simultaneously as I have planned but it appears as thought the MacBook ethernet is actually being fed from the travel router.


The mixer setup page shows the IP of the travel router.



I can pull the power on the travel router and still control the mixer on the MacBook and the Thunderbolt still shows connected in Network prefs but with the IP of the Travel router that I have unpowered. However, it won't connect at all unless it does it from the travel router first.




If I plug the mixer remote directly into the MacBook I cannot connect to mixer. It does not see it.


Looks to me like the travel router is getting the info from mixer and assigning the IP to the MacBook.  Why isn't the mixer assigning the IP?


Help me understand what is going on here.





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