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Creating this pitch bend with Es2?

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Hey guys,


Been hearing these extreme pitch bends lately on quite a few tracks. I pitch bend frequently in my own music and thought it would be pretty straight-forward to recreate it with the es2 but failed. 


I increased the bend range up to 24 & 36 but it loses the original sound of the note, (cheesy thin sound) while the example somehow retains its original tone?! (Listen from 00:24 - 00:32)


Wierd i know, but im out of ideas. Any tips?




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Do you mean the bass sound, that pitches up just couple notes? 

I don't think they pitch up 24 or 36 semitones. Besides that, I believe this is made with portamento, not pitchbend. 


I would expect a bass sound going up 24 or 36 semitones will become thin and probably cheesy, depending on the sound. Otherwise it depends on the sound character how it will become when played higher. That bass in the song, is like a sine, triangle or a saw filtered strongly. 


On top of using portamento, you can configure a modulation to control what's happening when playing "high" notes. Use the MIDI information "Key" for it. That's the note number. 

Key > Volume - so higher notes will be played a little louder [positive mod amount] or quieter [negative amount]

Key > Filter - so higher notes are a little brighter [positive] or darker [negative]


... and so on. What ever your sound needs. 

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Thanks for the reply. What your saying makes complete sense. Experimented with the glide/portamento and the volume and its definitely starting to sound like it. But controlling the filter with the mod control still confuses me a bit. Could you elaborate further. Much appreciated
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