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Can't Bounce???


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I think it's an output issue.


I have a MOTU 828X which has monitors plugged into its "main" outputs, but the MOTU calls those "Outputs 3 and 4".


Whenever I create a track in LPX, I have to set it to those outputs to get sound. No problem.


Today when we tried to bounce something, we only got one track. And it was driving me crazy until I realized that this one track was set to "main output" (or master, whatever it was called) and the remaining tracks were set to 3 and 4.


I've been away from LPX a while but I do recall this being an issue.


Should I be able to bounce directly from outputs 3-4 (assuming all tracks are set to this)?


Or should I change them right before bouncing to 1-2 (or something else)?


And if the latter, how can I change them all easily? I couldn't find any way to change the output assignments of each track.

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