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All of a sudden, a 14GB project file ???


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I read some other post before starting this one, but no help. I have a project that is for mastering my album project. 8 tracks, 8 audio files, 3-4 plugins per track, 7 instances of volume automation, and that's it. 2.33GB of total audio files. I have no unused audio and after CleanUp the Project file is over 14GB. I have what I would call some pretty complex song projects with over 20 tracks, tons of plugins, 5-10 software instruments, and those project files are barely 20MB. Please advise.

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Not sure about alternatives or backups, I am not aware of those functions. As far as Save As, that produced an equally large file. I don't believe I am doing anything different in this project than any of my others. Very strange.
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As David suggested right click your file and check package contents. The first thing I would check it Media>Audio Files for duplicates.


I reported this issue to Apple and LPH 8 months ago see this thread https://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=129086&p


The workaround is to save the new project as a folder before you record or import audio.


The bug is still there in 10.3.2 would be very simple for Apple to fix, I guess it would help if more people reported it.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Launch Logic
  2. File>New
  3. Create Audio track
  4. Record Audio
  5. File>Save
  6. Select Organise my Project as a: Folder
  7. Save Project
  8. Go to finder audio file is in the folder structure and in the .logicx package

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Thanks guys,

I do always save as folder not package, so that's not an issue. And I did discover the problem thanks to you. It was the "Alternatives / Undo Data.nosync" folder. Still not sure why this is the only project of many that had this problem. Anyway, after getting rid of unnecessary files, I'm back to normal 5-10MB project files for 2 of 3 project files in question. After attempting the same fix on the 3rd, I still show 13GB. When I show package contents and get info on all the contents, nothing in there adds up to even a MB. Even tried empty trash and restart and it still shows 13GB. Very strange.



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