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How to use already downloaded additional content on a Logic Pro X clean install

Mike Rock

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I was searching in this forum for an answer but I couldn't find anything:


I've just upgraded to High Sierra and as always I do, I wipe my hard disk and do a fresh install. Last year when I did the same with Sierra, I re-downloaded all the additional content of Logic X.


This time I have got everything in one of my external disks so which is the best way to avoid downloading almost 60GB again?? 


And I haven't installed garageband yet. Its additional content is also here:


This are the folders/subfolders stored in my external disks:

Audio (contains "apple loops" and "impulse responses") 6.38gb

Garageband (contains several folders such as ChordTrainer, Instrument Library, , Magic Garageband, templates, etc..) 12.35gb

Logic (alchemy samples, channel strip settings, EXS, sample instruments, Ultrabeat, etc) 39gb


Thanks in advance!


my Mac specs: Mac mini late 2012 i5 2.5, 16gb, 250SSD (use also 2 external disks, one for recording/mixing/storing sessions and another for the sound library)

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