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Region Folder Plus or Folder Stack Advanced


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Just imagine how cool it would be if a region folder gets dragged into the All Files Browser or a more flexible Apple loops browser with folder structure. In there the user can click onto the region folder to preview its content as Audio.


Let the user drag region folders into one of the browsers. That would help to save complete sub projects and sketches including an audio bounce, routing, track names etc. Region folders would allow import and recall projects that way too.


If a region folder gets dragged into the empty workspace a Folder track will be created. Inside the folder track all tracks, regions, routings etc will be created.

If a region folder gets dragged onto an existing Audio track the bounced sum of the region folder will be placed on that track!


How to import region folders into Logic Pro:


The region folder is either expandable (secondary click) to show its content (tracks). There the user can decide to just drag and import tracks or regions?

In the lower part of the browser a birds eye overview (think touch bar style overview of logic project) of the region folder content is shown and can be scrubbed or swapped for a waveform view of the bounced sum of the region folder.


The region folder if opened (double click) shows the same import window as if it does when double clicking a Logic project in the All Media Browser. Which is a non visual spreadsheet style way of working. But it works! And allows to select what should be imported.


So both ways would find its uses based on complexity and creative workflow.


This feature might fall into the category to simply allow to create sub projects or sketches inside existing projects which sometimes are unrelated to the current working project and allows to store away these projects for later recall


Also a menu entry under File > Export > Export selected regions (regions, regions folders and tracks etc) as new project (also available as key command) would solve another creative problem to easily export portions of a project to a new one (including global tracks, routing, etc. )


Maybe the region folder track could act as a VCA? Or maybe extend the Folder Stack feature or merge Folder Stacks and region folders into a new... no wait do not merge that because of backwards compatibility???

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