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Make all audio/midi based browsers in Logic Pro ELASTIC.


Allow to micro manage files inside the browsers directly. Like creating folders, deleting files, editing Apple loops tagging etc.

An agile based workflow where the user can optionally auto sync audio to the current tempo, choose multiple apple loops and drag them into the project,

delete unused loops and files by highlighting them etc.


Allow to optionally show the waveform of single selected apple loops/ Audio files in the loops browser as well as the media and all files browser.

As soon as the waveform is shown the user should be able to highlight a section of the audio waveform and drag only that part into the project onto an existing track or below the last visible track to create a new one (including channel strip settings if it is an Apple loop)


As in a previous feature request regarding summing stack Apple loops there is a need to be able to export multiple midi and audio regions (including summing stack regions) and save them into either the Apple Loops Browser and/or the All Files Browser for easy recall including routing.

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