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Not Recognizing Plug-in that are there!


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I uninstalled my IK Multimedia (T-Racks, Amplitube) plug-ins and then installed a different bundle I got from them.  However when I go to open older sessions that I made with my first IK bundle,  Logic tells me I do not having the Classic Compressor and the orange exclamation point is over where those plug-ins once were.  However if I go to my plug-ins drop down window I can easily insert a new classic compressor on any track I want. 

But I can not, open the Cl Compressor plug-in I originally used to even see what my settings were, so that sucks.  Why does Logic not recognize the Cl Compressor? it is the exact same one from T-Racks both official version?? 



Is there a way to make Logic Recognize it? Or show it where to look for it so it can open my original plug-in?


Or alternatively is there a way to open a plug-in that has the orange exclamation point on it, just to see it (even if it is not usable) that way I can see and copy the parameters on to a newly loaded version of the Classic Compressor plug-in...?

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I think the issue could be that you uninstalled the older versions.  AFAIK, even though they may be ‘the same’ plugin, the coding behind them is different. Therefore, if your old project has T-Racks v.3.x.x plugins, it won’t recognise T-Racks v.4.x.x and thus you get the exclamation mark appear.  


It may be worth posting on the IK forums and see if someone has had the same issue, or better still contact IK support.  This is going to be an IK issue and not one with Logic I’m afraid.


If however, you’ve uninstalled and then reinstalled the same versions then this is a bit strange, but my suggestions to contact IK would be the same.

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