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izotope rx 5


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Within the same project of a large number of vocal harmony tracks........ Some of the audio I can open in RX5 some I can't.


It has to do with some files being locked and others not locked...... These files were all recorded on the same day, same mic, same singer, etc.

Makes no sense .........  the shift W command is greyed out on some and some it doesn't show up at all.



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This is what I received from the Isotope folks:


"The command you’re mentioning is a construct of Logic Pro X, over which iZotope software has no influence or jurisdiction. I suggest contacting Apple’s Logic Support Team for DAW-specific advisement in this case. I apologize for any inconvenience this may present.


Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance, and thank you for being an iZotope customer!"


So, Isotope is sending it back to Apple......... Again the error I am getting half of the time is that the "audio file is locked" However as I've stated many other files within the project are editable using the shift W command by RX5...... recorded on the same day, same mic....... Apple folks should really look into this.

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