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Trouble understanding Overlapping recordings


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Hi all, 


I'm still a bit new with Logic. I come from using Ableton, and I honestly loved how it treated midi clips (regions) when you would record over another. In Ableton, it would just record a brand new clip over the other one. Let's say you recorded over the last bar of a 4 bar existing clip, you could just move the new 1 bar clip over off of the existing 4 bar clip, and the bar you recorded over would still be there from the original clip. 


I've been using Logic X for a good 5 months now, and I still can't wrap my head around the way it treats regions when overlapping. I've read the manual a few times on this subject, looked at other's posts on forums, and it still just never seems to work the way I want it to. I've messed around with different settings in Preferences > Recording > Overlapping Recordings. This is what I'm looking for:


When I record over a region, whether cycle is on or off, I'd really like it to create a new region on top of that region. I'd like it to essentially behave the same way as in Ableton. If I have an existing region that is 4 bars long, and I want to just change something in the last bar, I'd like to record over the last bar of that existing region and have it create a new region that now sits on top of the other one. If I move the region I just recorded, the other one would still be there. Or if it wasn't, you'd be able to drag it back to it's original length and all of the data would still be there. 


I feel like this has to be possible, but I am honestly so confused by all of the options that Logic has for this. It seems like it either will merge the original region with the new, just record new notes in the existing region, or totally replace the old region and then I can't seem to mix and match between the two. Or if I record a new region over an existing, and then move the new region, when I drag the old one out to it's original length, the data is all gone from the part I just recorded over. What would really be great would be to be able to mix and match from a take folder, but it seems like that's not possible with midi. Can somebody please help me? It seems like there's so many combinations of settings for this and I can't seem to find the right one and am frustrated and confused. Thanks.

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