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Apple certified Logic course. anyone?


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So, I have booked to do a Logic Pro x training course in London at an AATP,  £1350.00, not cheap, but its an intense 3 day course.


Has anyone done this course?  difficult?     can I take the Apple Certified exam now? or is best to wait till after the course?   


any pointers?  any books I need to read in advance?

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AATP what a waste of time.

I applied and paid for the London course in Central London, two days later I got a reply saying that the  course was confirmed but its much further away in South London, really difficult for me to attend, but I accepted, now I got another message saying its gonna be canceled and all there is left is a virtual class.

This is no good to me. I have asked for a refund.

Just in case anyone is thinking of one of these LEARN QUEST courses, beware.

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