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Crackling After Recording - New scenario


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I know there's been a thread about this but it didn't appear to have a solution. So thought I'd provide my story and try again.


I'm using a MacBook Pro Retina 13" with 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 with macOS version 10.12.6. Logic Pro X 10.3.2. Audio interface is an M-Audio M-Track Eight. 


I haven't had any issues with recording, including recording full drums. No latency issues, etc. 


However, for the latest session I'm working on, I started with drums. During recording I didn't catch any noise, however, during playback, I could notice a crackling here and there. At first, not such a big deal, but over time, it just seemed to get worse. Restarted the computer, still there. Took off all plugins, still there. Went to the Audio Files folder and listened to each of the raw audio files, still there and on every drum track. I then restarted the computer again, relaunched Logic, and started recording guitar tracks. Everything seemed fine at first, just the crackling from the drum tracks (or at least I thought). However, as I kept working, more and more cracking started popping up, including in a spot where it's just clean guitars. Again, went to the raw tracks in the Audio Files folder and listened from there... still crackling.


I haven't changed any equipment (including mics and cables), so I'm not sure where this crackling is coming from. I'm recording signal at about -15 db so there's definitely no clipping. 


Any ideas?



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Ok thanks. It definitely sounds like a hardware or equipment issue because ya, it's in the tracks themselves. Just caught me off guard because it's the first time this has happened. I did just create a new session and try recording drums and it worked fine. So looks like maybe the M-Audio is starting to act up...


Thanks for the feedback.

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