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The RIGHT way to export movie from Logic Pro X


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Hello, guys.

I've imported a music video to Logic Pro X, cause I prefer to export the final version from Logic instead of Premiere. PRemiere has some issues when we talk about audio, specially metering (it says, per example, that a perfectly mastered tune is clipping, when in reality is not)!

Well, after I've imported the video, I've deleted the extracted audio file and then I've finally imported the master stereo track.

I also created another stereo track that has a short audio effect file (tv white noise). 


All done, master is fine (checked out the VU with TB Pro Audio mvMeter), perfect.

For the export settings, I've choosen: 

File > Movie > Export Audio to Movie >

Audio Format: Linear PCM / Sample Rate: 48000 / Bit Depth: 24

Note: My master track matches these settings (48000/24).

There is a window that pops out after this (Check file  attached here: "window-pop.png").

I think this is kind of weird: "choose tracks to export"?


After the export, I've played the .mov file on Quicktime and sounded great, so I've uplodead to Youtube.

After the upload, the audio on Youtube sounds just fine. BUT: when now, I play it again (offline) on my Mac (using Quicktime), the audio sounds terrible, with a strong phasing effect sound, as the same two tracks were (bad) mixed together.

On iTunes, sounds weird, same way. 

On VLC, it sounds perfect, no phasing effect.


When I check the 'get info' on the .mov file it says the Codecs are: H.264, AAC, Linear PCM.

Shouldn't the audio codec just be ONE, instead of two? In this case, just Linear PCM.


Well...I truly hope someone could shed a light on this. 

Thanks in advance, guys. 


OS Sierra 10.12.6

Macbook Pro  

Logic Pro X 10.0.6


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Thanks for this... just exported 10 videos from logic with two combined sound sources, exported vids had  a slightly phasey sound but thought they were OK, uploaded to youtube, they sound crap, with only one sound source being used. Tried again, without clicking the "choose sound to export" option and they're ok. Now need to do them all again... :-(



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