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Blue Frame annoying problem


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That's the focus highlight.

You can not get rid of it as it is an important part of the workflow when using key commands.

1st of all thanks for your answer sir :) 

hmmm, but i dont want to see this blue lines? can i close this? because i just watch some of videos there is no blue frames?

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In previous versions prior to 10.3.2 the blue line indicated which embedded window had the mouse/keyboard focus. You would see this blue line when you had any of the embedded editor windows open, the library or list editors, etc...  However if you had none of them open and was only working in the arrange window - the blue line was not visible since there was only one window ( the current arrange ( main ) ) window that had the focus.


In 10.3.2 - the addition of the blue border around the arrange window when that was the only active window available was a visible enhancement likely to ensure users knew the blue lines/box existed and had meaning which provided useful information and allowed for consistency. 


It is an important indicator and should not be dismissed or ignored and similar to the current color schemes is something that needs to be adapted too.


Good observation on your part BTW.... 

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