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Logic controller assignments


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Hi guys.

Im using el capitan ,Logic pro x 10.3.0 and an akai mpk mini .

When i learn any parameters in my instruments or fx to the Akai MPk mini it works fine,

i´m able to atomate via the midi controller but then after i whent to other instrument or track the 

controlles that i leraned just stop working and i have to assign them each time i go back to the


Can anybody tell me why this happenig ?


MAny thnaks

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The Controller Assignments are unique to the channel. Each channel can have different plugins. The only thing Controller Assignment saves, is the used MIDI CC numbers. Whatever channel strip I select, the MIDI CC 14-21 (default in my NI S49) are matched to the knobs. The parameters are chosen automatically by Logic. The parameters will change depending on the used plugins. 
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