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Anybody expand their interface via ADAT? What are your I/O ping values?

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Are you expanding your interface via ADAT? Which brand(s) do you use? How do you clock it? What are your ping values when using the I/O Plugin in Logic? Do they stay consistent?


I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem dcescribed on another thread ( viewtopic.php?f=1&t=133876&p=683799#p683799 ) and I'm looking for real world data and experiences.


My results:


RME interface, ping value always reported at 0 samples.

Focusrite Clarett Octopre connected via ADAT, ping varies from 4 to 36 samples, depending if it's a full round trip or not. AND the value varies randomly in the same project and I/O path :(


Thanks for any insights!

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hi. I use ADAT light pipe output from my Mac Pro to my Motu 2408s. I have 2 MOTU units that each have 24 inputs and outputs.


so I basically run 48 in/outs to my analog console, when mixing, but usually just 24 inputs when tracking.


the 2 Motus are plugged into 2 Alesis HD24s for the analogue/digital conversion.


rock solid forever in my studio.


hope that helps Buddha

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