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Kontakt Factory Settings?

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Has anybody got the logic pro factory setting files in a .nki format?


I've found a download list from a user called TerryReis, I have downloaded the required folder that I'm after, in this case, synth. All the files are in .Aupresets and ever since I tried to copy the folder over to my library locations it has now deleted the synth instrument from the library list within kontakt?

I'm going to re-install and hope that helps, but seriously? Anyone got these presets but not for ableton? lol





More NativeInstruments, all the presets which make up the Factory Library which comes with the full version of Kontakt 5.

I have broken them down into individual instrument type (as it does in the library) to keep upload/download size more manageable.


They all need to placed in the directory Macintosh HD / Library/ Audio/ Presets/ NativeInstruments/ Kontakt 5/ Factory Library/







Kontakt 5 Factory Library - Band

(5.17 MiB) Downloaded 312 times



Kontakt 5 Factory Library - Choir

(1.72 MiB) Downloaded 314 times



Kontakt 5 Factory Library - Orchestral

(8.77 MiB) Downloaded 314 times



Kontakt 5 Factory Library - Synth

(15.1 MiB) Downloaded 314 times


Urban Beats.zip

Kontakt 5 Factory Library - Urban Beats

(4.82 MiB) Downloaded 301 times



Kontakt 5 Factory Library - Vintage

(14.42 MiB) Downloaded 310 times



Kontakt 5 Factory Library - World

(2.88 MiB) Downloaded 307 times







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