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move arrangement markers 1 bar forward


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I have tried to drag the last arrangement marker 1 bar to the right or one bar further but it won't move to move all tracks in outro . I have tried selecting it and command right arrow but nothing. How do I move arrangement marker and the tracks under it to the right? I can option click and copy tracks or move tracks to other places in the song by dragging arrangement marker there but can't move my tracks on bar further without selecting all tracks and dragging. I'm not running into a length issue with end of track locator BTW. Logic 10.3.3 High Sierra
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I also need to know if I can make a arrangement marker longer moving arrangement markers to the right or end of that markers. For example I have a marker in the middle that is 2 bars long and I want it 4 bars long...doesn't seem to work by dragging the end of it 2 bars longer......
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