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Logic 10.4 and the Demise of the Early Cheese Graters


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This isn't a complaint. My 3,1 Mac Pro is ten years old, and it's been a good run. But here's the rub: the new mac Pro -- if ever I can afford it -- isn't out yet, and for my long-range purposes, anything less is just buying time. That cylinder thingy isn't going to happen. (Even APPLE admitted that was a miscalculation.)


And yes, we can make plenty of music with what we have -- no need for lectures. Unfortunately, I'm intending to print out a lot of material soon, and I can't go though hundreds of pages of score hand-entering parentheses to guide accidentals.


Also, I've got a 2 plus terabyte sample library, and I really don't want break-out boxes and external drives. I'm also running three monitors, and there's no going back from that.


Just wondered what the older cheese grater crowd plans to do.

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