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Looking for a faster way to program in the Step Editor

Vim Doozy

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I'm struggling to figure out how to use the Step Editor in an efficient manner. My intent is for the pen width (steps) to reflect the note length in the editor and as an actual note in the piano roll, and also to ensure that it is both quick and easy to change the note length and grid size per lane.


For example, say I wanted to begin by programming a kick sequence of 1/4 Note every beat. I would do this in the following manner:


  1. Set Division Display to /4 (in Control Bar)
  2. Set Pen Width to Note Length (In Lane Locator)
  3. Set Length to 0 1 0 (In Lane Locator)
  4. Draw in the steps


Now let's say I wanted to program a hi-hat sequence in a new lane comprising four 1/32 Notes each beat:


  1. Set Division Display to /32
  2. Set Pen Width to Note Length
  3. Set Length to 0 0 1 0
  4. Draw in the steps


I adjust the grid value in Division Display to my desired note length, because then it's easy to set the right note length: I simply make the third number in the Length field a 1 (since it equates to Division). If I maintain the current grid value in the Division Display, then I find it hard to work out what number I need to input in the Length field to achieve the desired note length. For example, I want to draw a 1/64 note whilst my Divison Display grid value is /4. I don't want to be making calculations.


Additionally, I have to reset the Length value every time I change the Division Display setting, because it changes the Length value - seemingly in keeping with the previous Division Display setting, so as to maintain the "desired" note length.


Surely there's a better way to do this. Why can't I just have the pencil width and note length match the lane's grid size? Why can't I change the lane's grid size with a key command like I can with the Division Display grid size? (maybe I can, but I can't find the command).


Is there a faster way to adjust lane grid size and a faster/more intuitive way to adjust note length? If not, I think there should be a way to prevent the Length value in the Lane Inspector from changing when you adjust the Division Display grid size, or a way to make the Length field (note length) inherit its value from the lane's grid size (and a key command to change the lane grid size, if there isn't one).


Then again, perhaps I'm just not using this section in a proper manner. If my intent makes sense to you, I'm keen to learn better method.



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