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Apple Loops reindex refuses to work Logic 9


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Apologies for posting a query about Logic 9 - I wasn't sure where else to go.


After having attempt to rebuild the Apple Loops index by mistakenly rebuilding the user Loops index, tThe Apple Loops browser is now refusing to 'see' any of my Apple Loops. I've spent a while trying different solutions as recommended by Apple and various forums where others have encountered the same problem but to no avail. Here is a description of the issue:


Open Logic 9. navigate to Media/Loops where I am told 'No Apple Loops Found'. I can confirm that Apple Loops exist at HD/Library/Apple Loops/Apple


Solutions tried:

1) Recommended steps from Apple (trashing any existing Apple Loops Index files at HD and User levels, opening Logic and dragging the Apple Loops folder into the Loops browser.) A dialogue box comes up telling me that loops are being added and I am asked to enter my Admin password and then….nothing

2) As above, but dragging individual Loop folders onto the browser (again, no result)

3) As above but dragging individual .caf files into the browser. This copies the loops into my User database and they show up fine in the browser. This means I can use them but should I do this for every file, I would end up with a great deal of duplicated data.

4) The hack suggested on various forums (one example: https://www.macprovideo.com/forum/audio/logic-pro/3356) where I use a previous Loop index file and attempt tp force Logic to rebuild it. It tell it does, but then afterwards I am again told "No Apple Loops Found'

5) Rebuilding Permissions and Spotlight.


I am at a complete loss as to what to try next. Any suggestions please?





MacPro mid 2012 OSX 10.8.5 running Logic 9.1.8

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