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Aggregate Devices & I/O Plugin


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Hope somebody can be of assistance.

When using Logic Pro X I have an aggregate device setup for using two small audio interfaces combined, and have had no problems playing through any of the outs on either interface and no problems recording a signal in.

However I'm having problems when using hardware through the I/O plug. Currently Ive setup a logic project just to test the interfaces and the I/O plug and have done the following:

Aggregate device:

Input 1 - focusrite line in 1

Input 2 - focusrite line in 2

Input 3 - UR22 line in 1

Input 4 - UR22 line in 2

Output 1 - focusrite line out 1

Output 2 - focusrite line out 2

Output 3 - focusrite line out 3

Output 4 - focusrite line out 4

Output 5 - UR22 line out 1

Output 6 - UR22 line out 2


Failed Scenario's:

setup two audio tracks:

-Audio track 1 contains an audio loop. An I/O plugin is on channel (also had it on the bus but no difference) output set to bus 1.

-Bus 1 is set to no output

-Audio track 2 has an input as bus 1 with no output

- I/O plugin set to:

Input 3 - UR22 line in 1

Output 5 - UR22 line out 1

output 5 runs through an hardware mixer with compression and a lot of reverb to change sound and back to input 3. Using the headphone jack of the UR22 the sound is dry as if the interface is just playing the original loop internally, and when recorded it records silence, possibly because no outs are selected. Additionally I've set stereo outputs on audio track 2 and when recording to track 2 being fed from bus 1 through the I/O plugin it records the dry loop, same audio as track 1.


If i repeat the above using the aggregate device but using an output from the focusrite, there is still no joy.


Successful attempt:

When repeating the above and using the Focusrite outs and ins I can record the wet signal successfully, which obviously I will use for now, however when I want to send and return more tracks I wont be able to use the UR22. It seems the UR22 input doesnt receive the signal when using the I/O if i took the I/O off and recorded the ins manually without the plugin and latency management it will work.


So i'm a little baffled with the above but the only other thing that as me curious is the word clock, which I dont no enough info about, this is set to the focusrite, could this be the difference or could it be the UR22 or Logic cant handle this process?


If anyone as any ideas, I would really appreciate the assistance.





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