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Upgradaphobic Needs Advice


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I would go with Sierra. Which is what I did. I feel similarly to you, and I was damn sure I did a Time Machine backup just before I went from El Cap to Sierra. From what I see, High Sierra does cause problems for some people. After upgrading to Sierra, there seems to have been a bit of a performance hit, but it looks like it is sorting things out on the Fusion Drive, so things are getting snappier again.


There are just too many goodies in this update. From the limited time I've spent with 10.4, I am very impressed and pleased.


As always, YMMV, but I held off upgrading the OS on this iMac since I bought it in 2015.


I expect they'll make 10.5 High Sierra dependent.

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Celebrate, Dan. You just made the cut. My Mac Pro is a year behind yours, and I was not so fortunate.


You could buy a new hard drive and do an absolutely fresh install, if your phobia proves too strong. I bought drive sleds for my 3,1 for that purpose. Four drive bays is one of my many fondnesses for the old Mac Pro. I don't hot-swap the drives, but I can power down and exchange them. I don't think it's ever been necessary, but it provides the safety net I need to calm my upgrade concerns.

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You asked which is the best OS to use. That lead me to think you had options. My screenshot above is from Apple. I see no options for either of us -- hence my thread about the demise of the older cheese graters.


I did a little research into upgrading the 3,1 CPU, per a suggestion here. Good to think outside the box, but the risk is too great. I'm also looking into unsupported Mac patch software.


If the new Mac Pro was out, I'd buy. If a new Mac Mini was out, I'd consider that too. But the former is but a whisper, and the latter is three years old, not very upgradeable, and long overdue for a refresh.


I may be stuck with 10.3.2 bugs of a while.

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Thanks for the input... On another thread, the option to update firmware from 4.1 to 5.1 was mentioned as a factor. Here is the hardware profile on my computer...

I see that even though it's an "Early 2009" (pre Trump era) that my firmware is 5.1 ... any help is appreciated.


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Interesting. The firmware was probably flashed.


This thread is a little long in the tooth, but possibly of help to you: "I have an Early 2009 MP that was a 4,1 but had been flashed to a 5,1.... Am trying to figure out if I'm going to screw up my system if I upgrade to Sierra."




There's a lot of similar threads online. We are not alone.

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Thanks for all coaching. I'm tempted to move ahead with Sierra... as I understand it, my early 2009 machine, even with 5.1 firmware will not run High Sierra. Is this correct?


Would making a .zip (compressed) file of my system work as a "downgrade" lifeboat if I run into trouble?


Thanks again

Dan Rad

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My willingness to help goes far further, but my technical expertise fails me. My ham-fisted approach to back-ups has been the aforementioned drive exchange. I figure no matter how mangled my system gets, I can exchange its boot drive and get back to where I was. Mac Pros make this easier than any other stand-alone computer with their nifty drive sleds and fold-down cover.


Also, if you hold down OPTION on power up, Mac should give you the choice of boot disks. (I have learned that this does not work (for me at least) when your computer keyboard is attached to a hub. The keyboard must be plugged directly into the computer.)


I don't know that it can get much safer than that: two (or more) discrete operating systems. Sounds like a better plan than zipping.


Another cause for phobia: the accidental breakage that may happen with plug-ins and the like. Way out of my knowledge set here. Also, I don't know if Logic 10.4 files can be loaded in 10.3. So if you do get Sierra running, test throughly, because once you start creating content, there may be no going back.

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