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track colors..


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messed up that apple released this yesterday (was out all day yesterday). had to read thru 9 pages of discussion about LX 10.4 here! but am caught up, and now... exploring what's new.


i have preferences>tracks>appearance set to 'auto progress 96', but all my new recorded tracks come out 'tradtional green'. what am i missing (because i'm sure it's just me...)


so far, so good tho. so many new toys & features to explore..!

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If you add tracks (plural) and specify lets say 8 tracks, then the 8 created tracks have different colors...at least they do for me. the first couple of tracks I tried to create one at a time, they all seemed to be green. Yea I dunno, does seem a little buggy in some way.


adding tracks like that works, but... nothing to do with my workflow (mostly from templates with pre-set instrument tracks). so, so far, disappointing (unless i'm still missing something).

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