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Region loop bug when dragging


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A few days ago I noticed that when I try to drag a group of regions (some already in loop mode and some not), the length is not proportional, but only when dragged at a certain speed. Check the image below and let me know if you experience this. Notice that at fast speed, if it's dragged from a looped region, the length is always constant. If it's dragged from a non-looped region, it changes at fast speed, but it doesn't at slow speed. Who can reproduce this?



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I can reproduce it! Pretty funny bug that depends on the speed of your dragging... never seen anything like this before!


Yeah it's kinda weird... I was just testing with 10.4 and it's still there. Gotta report it. Not that it makes a huge difference, because it's still possible to do it, just slowly, but it definitely needs to be fixed.

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